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This Logitech K380 shown below is an excellent bluetooth keyboard for simplifying your desk area. The $40 price ($30 on sale) makes it affordable. [View/Buy]


Some of the K380 benefits include:

  • Ergonomic. Because of its size, and wireless operation, it can be more easily placed where best suited for optimal posture.
  • Distance. It can be used at a distance from your computer in a presentation situation.
  • Multi-Device. It is a single keyboard that can pair with three devices. So, it takes the place of three keyboards.
  • Portable. It is the right size and weight for travel.
  • Reduces Clutter. With its wireless bluetooth design, it reduces the clutter of wires in your work area.
  • Saves a Port. It frees up an additional USB port on your computer compared to a wired keyboard (assuming your computer has bluetooth).
  • Size. The key placement is the same as a standard keyboard, yet it is smaller in overall size.

Review by Greg Johnson

I’ve been using the Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard since June 2019. Here are some of the benefits I’ve observed:

  • Better Design. I like Apple bluetooth keyboards, and use one for my desktop computer. However, the Apple keyboard has very sharp metal edges and can’t switch between several devices. Considering that the Apple Magic Keyboard is $130 for the full-size model and $100 for the smaller version, the K380 is a good value.
  • Easier Typing. It’s a much easier way to type on my iPhone and I prefer it over the tiny on-screen keyboard.
  • Ergonomic. When paired with a laptop computer, it allows the display of the laptop to be positioned up at eye level, while the keyboard can be where my hands are.
  • Multiple Devices. I like the ability to easily switch between several devices. This allows me to use the keyboard with my iPhone, iPad, and a desktop computer.
  • Nice Feel. The slight indentation of the middle four rows of keys is very comfortable on the finger tips, and reminiscent of an old typewriter. The top and bottom rows of keys have a slight dome shape which makes them easy to distinguish by touch.
  • Quiet Use. The quiet operation is soothing and less distracting.
  • Portable. The small design and smooth rounded corners make it portable and easy to fit in a small bag. Despite the small size, it has a standard key layout.

I would recommend this keyboard for just about anyone. It’s easy to purchase online, but if you go to a local store where they keyboard is displayed it’s possible to try before you buy, and compare to other keyboards. Typically the K380 is on display at Best Buy or Staples.